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Why HR Ready - Experts in Recruitment Management!

Recruiting for your business is a time consuming and a costly investment. Partnering with the right recruitment provider is the first crucial step in making your recruitment programme work effectively for your business.   

With over 50 combined years of working in recruitment management we understand the pain points and frustrations and we work hard to ensure you don’t need to experience them at all!   

Not only do we provide exceptional customer care and service but we make the time to understand your culture and values so we engage with candidates in your style and in your way.   

Before the recruitment process begins, we work with you to understand your business and evaluate the roles you need to fill and before job boards are even mentioned. We also evaluate the skills sets, personal attributes and personality required to fill the role.  As your trusted HR advisor, you are getting more than just a recruitment consultant as our support will continue during the hiring process and well after the hire is made.   

The recruitment process which includes search and selection is effectively managed to ensure the best candidates are invited for interviews.  HR Ready also provide your managers with interview training, so at the time of interviews both the candidate and the internal team can get the most from the recruitment experience. 

Follow up and managing the rejection and acceptance stages are also managed so you can rest assured in the knowledge that this is being dealt with professionally on your behalf.    

The Benefits of working with HR Ready

  • We provide a personalised recruitment service   
  • We work as an extension to your business, getting to understand what the role is about, how this role will improve and support your existing team and work with the team to further develop the role (people planning).   
  • This stage is critical to writing a well-structured and informative job specification for both the candidate and your existing team.  
  • We believe being informed is crucial to effective recruitment – so we review and provide you with invaluable market data (Including salary averages) so that you can make informed decision.   
  • No nonsense – no agency blindsiding- we don’t speak jargon and we like to be honest and transparent  
  • We build and manage the interview process. Structuring the interview questions, valuation and selection process of candidates. We also ensure follow up and feedback to candidates is given.   
  • Psychometric testing is a very popular tool when choosing the right candidate for the role. We run and manage the whole process providing you with the insights you need to recruit the right person for the job.   
  • After the recruitment process has been successfully completed, we can also provide support with induction and onboarding.  

With all things, best laid plans don’t always go to plan and sometimes top candidates don’t always successfully pass their probation period for a number of unforeseen reasons. When this happens, we will support you through this process. 

If your business is in a growth phase, researching and looking to penetrate new territories, diversifying your product or service offering or looking to reduce and restructure – you should first be asking yourself:  

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Induction and Onboarding

No matter how often or little you recruit job seekers and candidates really value an effective induction and on-boarding experience. Often business owners fail to see the value in these exercises themselves but when done properly candidates are able to make a start in their new role with avid confidence and far quicker than if left to their own devices. 

On average you will spend in the region of £60,000 upwards on replacing an employee, this is conservative taking in to consideration costs for downtime, management time and money, administrative, ramp up time until the new candidate is productive and adding value. It’s important therefore to consider induction and onboarding as a serious part of our talent acquisition. Invest time, money and most importantly thought into an onboarding programme and giving your employee that warm fussy welcoming feeling.  

Like any relationship if you are not made to feel welcome and be part of the team within the first 6 months you probably aren’t going to. Therefore, you will leave! People want to feel part of it, so take your recruitment, induction and onboarding really seriously. Invest in your team and let us help add the value you are looking for.  

If you are looking for one hire to a full management process for multiple hires, induction and onboarding programmes we have a Recruitment Package that would work for you.   

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