Benefits of HR business outcomes blog

So many HR professionals are excellent at what they do, however this can be limited and many of what is perceived by others in the organisation is that they ‘sit in their ivory tower.’


This means that they are great and work in isolation while looking down on the rest of the organisation. This is terrible news for a business and if you have this in your business, you need to sort your HR team out.


Why? Well, it should be a supportive, business partnering function, they should be working with managers and people to make the business better / more efficient and profitable.


So where do business outcomes come into play? We even if you have a commercially astute HR professional, they can sometimes hide behind the ‘safe option’ and not the option that makes the most sense to the organisation. Appreciate HR are not there to make the decisions for the business, but they are there to ensure all the available cards are laid out on the table ready for the decisions to be made. The business outcomes piece comes into play based upon a risk-based approach to HR. I.e 3 options available, this is the riskiest but will give the best return for the business and the people.


It is a balancing act. The employees and the employer must be in partnership for it to work, otherwise it will tip too much in one direction and the employee with either leave or be asked to leave.


Having a competent, qualified and experienced HR professional can make all the difference to the business. Think about this. I bet your CFO is qualified and regulated by the ACCA and they are dealing with the finances. The most important asset in your business isn’t your money, but your people, so why have sub qualified HR professionals helping you to make these decisions? Appreciate you may have them in training, but you should always have a fully qualified – HR guru on your books that you can turn to for advice and support. It may be expensive but only if you get it wrong, engage them at the beginning, let them provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for your business and do it.