I am a company director and I'm furloughed, what can I do during my time?

You have found yourself in a situation where you as the company director have furloughed yourself.  What this means from the government guidance is that as a director of your business where there is a need to carry out particular duties to fulfil your statutory obligations you owe to your company, you may do so provided you do no more than would reasonably be judged necessary for that purpose. You are however unable to generate commercial revenue or provide services to or on behalf of your company.

For obvious reasons this means you can’t continue to have sales meetings or advertise your business online but what the government guidance doesn’t give a definitive stance on is whether or not you can still prepare and work on your business while furloughed. Therefore, you may want to think about how you would like to spend your furloughed period and you may want to begin planning, preparing and getting your house in order ready for when you are able to take action again.

You could however see this as complete ‘you time’ and you may need to take a much needed break, spend time with the family or now have some time to learn a new skill or language or do something you have always wanted to do (within the limits of the government advice around isolation of course). Whatever stage you are at, don’t waste the time and think I wish I did that… this isn’t the most ideal situation we find ourselves in but we are here and we should and can make the best of it and pull through stronger at the end. Remember nothing is wasted, so make some goals during this time and take action now.

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