Insights Discovery Psychometric Profiles

Is TEAMWORK Important to your business?

How can Insights Discovery Psychometric Profiles help build teams in your SME:

Building high-performing teams is crucial to success in today’s competitive industry.

SMEs face unique challenges when it comes to team building:

  • managing fast-paced growth,
  • attracting and retaining top talent,
  • fostering collaboration between diverse skill sets

Insights Discovery Psychometric Profiles can help build cohesive teams by enhancing self-awareness and understanding team dynamics.

What are Insights Discovery Psychometric Profiles?
Insights Discovery Psychometric Profiles offer a comprehensive way to understand your personality and the personalities of those around you. The profiles use a simple color-coded language to describe different personality types, show strengths, identify potential blind spots, and highlight communication style. An Insights Discovery Profile will give you valuable insights into your personal communication style, work preferences, and potential areas for growth. This can help you build more effective and cohesive teams.

What can you gain from an Insights Discovery Psychometric Profile?

Enhanced self-awareness:
By understanding your personal communication style and work preferences, you can better understand how you interact with others and identify areas for personal growth. This can help you become a more effective team member or leader.

Improved communication:
Insights Discovery profiles help you understand how to effectively communicate with others based on their personality type. This can help reduce misunderstandings and improve collaboration.

Enhanced team performance:
Insights Discovery can be used to build cohesive teams by helping team members understand each other’s strengths and potential blind spots. This can lead to improved performance and innovation.

Improved leadership:
Leaders can use Insights Discovery to understand their own communication style and how to effectively communicate with their team members. This can help improve leadership within SME’s and foster a positive work culture.

How can you use your Insights Discovery Psychometric Profiles?

Team building and development:
By using Insights Discovery profiles, you can build more effective and cohesive teams.

Leadership development:
Insights Discovery can help leaders understand their communication style and how to effectively lead their teams.

Personal development and coaching:
Insights Discovery profiles can be used to help individuals identify areas for personal growth and development.

Conflict resolution:
Insights Discovery can be used to help resolve conflicts by helping team members understand each other’s communication styles and work preferences.

Change management:
Insights Discovery can be used to help manage change by fostering a culture of self-awareness and collaboration.

Understanding Insights Discovery Psychometric Profiles:

On a good day                                                                                  On a bad day

The four colours of Insights Discovery represent different personality types. Here is a brief overview of each colour and its characteristics:

Cool Blue:
Analytical, detail-oriented, and logical. They value accuracy and precision and are often reserved and methodical in their approach to work.

Fiery Red:
Bold, assertive, and action-oriented. They value results and enjoy taking charge of situations. They are often seen as confident and decisive.

Sunshine Yellow:
Enthusiastic, outgoing, and people-oriented. They value social interaction and enjoy collaborating with others. They are often seen as charismatic and creative.

Earth Green:
Empathetic, supportive, and relationship-oriented. They value relationships and are often seen as supportive and caring.

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