On-Line HR – But I thought it was all about people

Back in the day before the time of automation and the internet everything to do with managing people management within a business was done manually.

There was no talk of HR Toolkits or HR cloud-based management software and systems. But today there is a growing demand for online HR Solutions.

Online Innovation for HR

This innovative approach and utilisation of technology to manage HR is not just clever it’s genius. It saves time and money and enables companies to remain compliant with ever changing employment legislation.

There are a number of HR management systems and human resources software on the market that are designed to assist HR professionals with their HR Functions.

Online HR solutions come in the form of HR Toolkits that provide legally compliant HR documentation, HR policies and process checklists and documentation guides. Other HR systems manage payroll and employee data.

These online HR Solutions are important as they enable HR Teams to manage HR data, manage employees and all core HR admin tasks in one place. Saving time and allowing those responsible for HR to focus on the more strategic elements of Human Resources management.

The systems come with mobile app access and desktop interfaces allowing for 24/7 access to data from anywhere in the world, making international communications a breeze!

Technology in HR doesn’t even stop there. With further advances happening all the time, the next thing we will see is HR beginning to use Blockchain Technology. This has already been instrumental in improving workflows in many other industries is going to alter the way in which HR professionals deal with everyday HR management tasks.

As with all technology, Security of data especially HR data is a top-level issue for many businesses due to the vast personal, performance, pay, financial and banking data they hold. Blockchain Technology will enable HR departments to implement enhanced data security and protect data from potential cybercrime as employee data can now, through Blockchain technology, be decentralised and secured through cryptography.

Revolutionising the Recruitment Process

Currently many companies turn to external agencies to manage their recruitment campaigns. This comes at a huge cost in both management time and finance. Blockchain technology will revolutionise recruitment processes as it will enable HR departments to streamline their recruitment processes and campaigns by eliminating the need for third parties to carry out background and employment checks.

Through Blockchain, employers can gain access to a candidate’s data stored electronically where they can safely and securely access employment history, education, certificates and relevant experience. Providing HR departments with this level of access in such a safe way will potentially remove inaccurate applications and fraud, streamlining the recruitment process and potentially weeding out unsuitable candidates.

Other ways in which Blockchain will work to improve HR processing is to enable payments with Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts and simplifying international payroll.

If you would like to read more about Blockchain and its potential use in streamlining Online HR processes, check out this article which goes into much more detail.

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