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What we cover in our Training?

Our bespoke training and coaching courses are learning programmes, where by we work with delegates both in a class environment and through ongoing 121 support. This training methodology furthers the delegates personal development as it re-enforces what has been taught in a supported and engaged way. 

We believe training should and needs to be meaningful. Relatable case studies and business examples are used in order for training to be memorable and for the right reasons.  

Delegates are set additional training outside of the initial training sessions and regular check-ins are set with our trainers so we can provide further tutor support to delegates, monitor progress and the effectiveness of the training overall.  

Training at any level is a huge investment for any business and HR Ready’s trusted and proven learning programmes are valued by attendees and adds value to your business.  

HR Ready offers bespoke training and coaching for businesses across a multitude of disciplines including, employment law, becoming an employer, equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion, management training, building effective teams, leadership skills and more.  

Training courses can be devised to cover one particular aspect of HR or if a series of courses is booked you will find that there are synergies between them. We also devise your training objectives to fit with your core values, culture and is delivered in line with your own tone of voice and key messaging.  

'Expresso' - Online Courses, Learning and Training

Our e-learning training courses are designed for delegates to do at their own time and at their own pace. These courses can be done in just an hour and split over a period of time. 

‘Expresso’ learning enables delegates to enhance their knowledge both personally and professionally and can be purchased on our online shop at any time. All courses purchased come with a 1-year licence.

Who would benefit from Training Courses?

As a business owner your staff are your biggest asset and potentially cost. If you are looking to develop your team then a devised training programme would support your development goals.  

You may be going through a compliance exercise and need training to cover off areas like equal opportunities and other policy updates or legislative changes coming into force.   

Personal development programmes can also play an important role in your recruitment process. Without one your business might not be so competitive to future applicants.  

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Coaching – Coaching and Mentoring what is it?

HR coaching is ideal for anyone looking to fulfil their potential by moving up the career path or wanting to make a career move.  Anyone struggling with particular management skills or wanting to up-skill their knowledge base on a more private basis would benefit from Coaching courses.  

We have worked with clients on their desire to be better communicators and better managers, in order for them to bring out the full potential of their teams.  

Your coach is there to support you. You coach is there to help you understand yourself and your triggers, others and learning to connect and engage with others. Coaching can be delivered on a one 2 one basis, or in a team.  

Coaching is there for you to unleash and realise your potential, it is there to ignite that spark in you to achieve and become the best you that you can be. 

“As a qualified HR Consultant and trained Coach Rebecca Davies – MD and Founder of HR Ready is a seasoned business coach. Her expertise and experience have led her to work with clients on development of leadership teams, management and career coaching.  

Her coaching is supported with her use of Insights Discovery which very quickly helps clients to understand themselves and their colleagues, so they can have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries.” 

Using a variety of techniques and tools to coach people in your business we are able to help them realise that all important ‘Light Bulb’ moment.  

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