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Health and Safety management -
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Health and safety isn’t something you implement when you are a large business. It is something that you need to be aware of on the first day you open the doors to your business. 

Whether you have an office, work from home, do or don’t have visitors to your premises or manage a team of employees, you need to ensure compliance with the health and safety executive. 

Large scale businesses will need to do more to comply by demonstrating their management and tracking of H&S policies and procedures. However, even small businesses need to take steps to mitigate the risk to you, the business, staff and clients – ensuring you have a safe environment.  

If you don’t take H&S seriously in your business, you are leaving yourself open to both civil and criminal repercussions if things go wrong. H&S is serious and there is no excuse for turning a blind eye to it.  

If you work in an industry that this heavily reliant on sub-contracting then you will need to demonstrate not just to the Health and Safety Executive but also during tendering that you have an exemplary health and safety record, processes and procedures.  

Not all business owners have the resources to employ a full time H&S Manager nor have knowledge or time to properly implement or manage their H&S. For this reason, our H&S outsourcing support is a very cost-effective way to keeping you and your business compliant with H&S legislation.  

Business owners have a legal obligation to keep everyone safe and they can be personally prosecuted when negligence is found to be the cause. H&S is there to protect individuals and when done correctly it not only safeguards you and the business operationally, it can have a positive effect on employee’s experience and engagement. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with our H&S consultants for a chat about how we can help today.  

With a fully qualified H&S consultant you know you are in safe hands. Holding both experience and qualifications in NEBOSH and IOSH. We support you by keeping you abreast of legislation, so you are fully informed at all times. Health and safety is regulated by the HSE web link.  

Whether you’re a small employer with less than five employees or a small to medium size employer, we can support you to deliver effective health and safety solutions ensuring you and your employees and customers have a safe working environment at all times. 

Health and safety doesn’t just cover the physical safety requirements of you and your team, it also supports the mental health and safety and well-being of your teams. We can support you with a range of services from; health and safety annual audits, risk assessments, risk management, policies and procedures all the way through to; safety training, fire, first aider, manual handling, work desk assessments, mental well-being and first aider training. Whatever you need, we have you covered.  

HR Ready provide a customer centric Health and Safety provision to clients who do not need a full time Health and Safety professional. If you need support to reduce your risk please contact the team today on: 01223 641 017. 

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