HR Mentoring is important if you want an HR function that adds value.
Having a ‘go to person’ can make all the difference.

HR Mentoring & The Immense Value It Adds​

HR mentoring is very personalised and specific to the needs of the mentee. That’s why I am going to tell you about the benefits of HR mentoring in business and tell you about me.

The benefits of HR Mentoring

As the mentee you learn from my past mistakes so you can go from A-B.

  • You can impact the business quickly knowing someone has been there and done that before.
  • You have a confidant, if you need a sounding board you have it, with NO judgement.
  • You will have a safe space to talk about your emotional v logical reasoning and the challenges you face.
  • You will grow and develop the quickest you ever have done within HR. This is because it is specific to your needs, you are in the driving seat.
  • You will see a return on your investment while becoming more focussed and motivated.

The list goes on and both the individual and business benefit from HR mentoring, it is a valuable investment.

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About me

I have 20 years’ experience in HR across a multitude of industries, I have worked at all levels of the business looking at both operational and strategic HR. I have managed teams across the globe and supported, restructured, and grown businesses. I have dealt with office politics at all levels and game plays. I am CIPD qualified, completed my Masters in HR and I am a qualified executive coach along with other leadership and management qualifications, while this is all very important to know, it’s not the most important things to know. 

What is important is the way I work, my values and morale’s, my standards, and expectations. These need to align with you as a mentee. I love being an HR Mentor to other HR professionals, the reason I love it, is because I get to support an individual’s growth. I get to see their challenges they face; the emotions and attachment applied to their reasoning and celebrate in their successes! I get to see the person, not the role they are doing or want to do, but the person, and I help them to develop and grow to complete the tasks needed by the business but in essence I am supporting their experience and building upon their intuition which will set them up for success again and again.

As mentoring is so personalised, lets jump on a call to discuss if its right for us.

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