Pay as you go HR

Personalised, professional people solutions

Our HR pay as you go service, offers HR support when you need it, there are no contracts to tie you in, the service is to provide affordable specialist HR advice to support your business.

Whether you are seeking advice on how to manage a disgruntled employee, what to do regarding a misconduct or performance issue, we are here to help you when the need for expert, specialist HR advice is needed. 

That means if you have a burning HR question and you just need to know how to manage an HR situation before it gets out of hand, just email or call us and we can advise you. With simple easy to follow advice and guidance, you will be back focussing on growing the business and not dealing with people management issues. 

Who would benefit from our Pay as You Go HR Service?

The pay as you go service is aimed at business owners, managers or HR professionals who need advice or want to run their thoughts past a professional for guidance then and there, but don’t want long contracts and don’t have the need for more comprehensive HR services. We charge in 15-minute increments, so you won’t be excessively charged. 

The benefits

Through our Pay as You Go HR service you will always be covered for HR advise. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have a fully qualified and specialist HR team providing you with professional hr services when you need us most. 

  • We respond quickly to your enquiry, providing solutions to your people problems 
  • You can call us as many times as you need us, and you will only be charged for the time used. 

If you are a returning pay as you go customer, you can benefit from other member perks during the year. 

What are you waiting for, stop procrastinating and let’s get on with finding those solutions and growing your business? Call us on 01223 641 017

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