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Recruitment is more than a person fulfilling a job description, anyone can do a set of tasks, what is difficult is finding the right people to drive business growth & success.

Gone are the days when you needed a set of tasks doing and you had 100 applicants for the job. Businesses and individuals want more from their careers and are expecting more from each other. This makes recruiting for us more exciting!

Not only are we looking for the right person with the right skill set for your business now, but also looking at what else they have to offer that may be useful to you in 2-5 years, growing your business. It works both ways and we work with you to understand your offering to the candidate and ways to improve your appeal to candidates, supporting you in hiring the right candidate and pipping your competition to the post. Good candidates do not stay on the market for long!

That is why we believe in a holistic approach to recruitment, we want to know about the business, life as an employee, the role, the perks, the challenges – warts and all. The reason is when we can immerse ourselves in your business and culture, we can communicate this easily to your prospective employee, enabling you to sell yourselves (without the hard sell) and in turn comfortably gaining buy-in from your prospective employee. It becomes so much easier.

As we offer HR and recruitment, we are proud to do things differently, it’s not just a role for us, it’s a career.

If you would like to discuss further how we can help, then book a call with us.

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