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What is HR Strategic Management?

In a nutshell HR strategic management is planning ahead – making sure that your business strategy aligns with your people management to increase business performance.   

Both Business planning and HR planning are equally important. When you are able to bring your people and business together, the results you can achieve can be incredible. This is because everyone is sailing the same boat in the same direction, each doing what they need to do to make it each its destination. Effective human resource management makes this happen.   

Our Strategic HR management looks first at the overall business outcomes, we then work backwards to see what is needed when and where, to make it all fall into place.

Our team of HR experts also look at any potential obstacles and bring you solutions, so they no longer stand in your way of achieving success. We work with your employees to bring engaged, productive and motivated people with you. Your people will be one of your most expensive overheads to your business, so spending time on creating and implementing a people strategy will be a wise decision.   

By way of an example – If you want to grow, you need to look at individual elements such as: people planning and recruitment planning, performance management, reward and recognition, retention, succession planning, upskilling through a learning a development plan and organisation culture.

Working collectively on these individual plans will super charge the overall HR strategy to meet and exceed your business goals. We do this with our expert advice and knowledge, commercially astute and business partnering approachThey are all made to fit together to drive business success.  

Who will benefit from Strategic HR advice?  

If Human Resources or HR seems to alien or old fashioned for your business or you; think of HR management like ‘People Operations’ or your ‘Cultural and Wellness function’. Especially in today’s world, the wellness of your people will have a direct impact on productivity and your overall success. 

If you need to stabilise your business due to a sudden decrease in demand or face a sudden growth spurt due to an unprecedented demand for your services or product then you may need help to plan for the immediate and future success of the business.   

No matter how big or small your business is, if you are employing staff – full or part time youHR strategy and effective HR practices can help you plan ahead.   

If your business is in a growth phase, researching and looking to penetrate new territories, diversifying your product or service offering or looking to reduce and restructure – you should first be asking yourself:  

  • What’s the future plan?    
  • How will you bring your people with you?  
  • How do you communicate your plans to them?   
  • What are the milestones?  
  • How do you measure how healthy your business is in respect of people engagementproductivity? Here is an additional resource for you about the importance of an engaged work force. 

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What services are included - Strategic Human Resource Management

All businesses have business goals, and a business strategy is a great way to get there. However, not all business owners and managers remember that their people are in fact an integral part of tahe overall business’s success. HR strategy is a critical component of a business strategy and without this your business strategy is in fact incomplete.   

With an over-view of organisational development and culture our HR Strategy management services looks at and defines:  

Recruitment and Selection

We work with you to establish who you need in the business to fulfil the role before embarking on a thorough and effective search and selection program. We also work with you to ensure your business has the right talent management and benefits programs to ensure you can attract the best people to your business.   

Performance Management

If you have spent a lot of money and time hiring you will want to ensure you retain them. You can do this by focusing on rewarding and recognising the right behaviour and success. Celebrate the wins and reward and recognise people for their contributions. We help you to put reward and recognition programmes together.   

Unfortunately, poor performance and unmotivated people have a negative impact on other members of your team, increasing stress levels, presenteeism and reducing productivity. In these instances, we help you to deal with the negative sides of performance management.

Learning & Development (training)

Knowledgeable and skilled people save you time and money. We work with you to develop a learning and development programme which is used in the succession, retention and recognition of your people.  

A good learning and development programme will strengthen the business due to an up-skilled work force. Employees will feel valued and enriched, and your business will benefit from increased loyalty and productively across the board.  

Employee Experience / Engagement

As business owners and managers of people, understanding how motivated, loyal, engaged and productive your people are is key to business success. We work with you to help you benchmark how engaged, loyal, motivated and productive your people actually are! With this knowledge at your fingertips, we can help you make improvements where needed, implement new initiatives and measure future success.   

If you want to improve business performance, gain competitive advantage or bolster your HR function then our HR professionals are on hand to support and advice you in the development of your HR strategic planning and implementation. Let us help you achieve your overall business strategy. 

Reward & Recognition (Compensation)

Happy people are motivated people, and we work with you to find and implement programs to help you motivate and engage your people, so they get the most from their role and you get the most out of them.

NB: In a recent study we found that from off boarding an old employee to onboarding a new team member in an office environment the overall cost to the business were upwards of £60,000. Implementing reward and recognition programs can significantly reduce your costs in search and selection.  

Succession planning

Planning for succession is a key driver for a HR strategy. Losing a key member of staff due to career development or retirement could be a massive blow to your business. A failsafe is to instil a culture of knowledge sharing and upskilling your teams to ensure business stability, strength and agility.   

NB:  Having a plan for the succession of key members of your team enables you to implement well thought out promotions in line with your business strategy and for you to be ready on your terms when the time comes to implement.  

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