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Planning for after COVID-19

Q. In our business we have been focussing on the immediate action we need to take such as furloughing employees or making redundancies, but I know we will get through this and I think we should be focussing on the future when we pull through this, how can we prepare?

When dealing with your business it is always true to address business today and also in the future, usually you will have a 3- and 5-year plan. As of today, you should also be having a 3 – 6 – 9-month plan.

As the government is orchestrating an exit strategy to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is true to say that your business too should have an exit strategy. There are a few things to get you ready in order to develop this:

  • Build a team of individuals who can work on your exit strategy, you will need competent key people to support your business to come out of this.
  • Know your numbers, where are you now and where do you need to be, to be at a normal state.
  • Review and amend your business strategy, no doubt this pandemic will change a few things on there, whether it is in the short, medium or long term.
  • Review and implement new tactics into your HR strategy as the business declines, grows or changes direction.
  • Create a communication plan for your employees (and to your customers), informing them what is happening, addressing their concerns where you can and keeping everyone motivated and moving in the direction you want is key to survival.
  • Look at your infrastructure and see what changes need to be made in order to support your plans.

The return to normal business will be a transition. How is your business going to deal with this? We believe it will be a phased return to get businesses back to where they were and even more so if you are an international business with many countries dealing with the pandemic at different stages.

Therefore, having a plan for your workforce of how your business will exit this is key.  You may want to consider:

  • A Policy and procedure review.
  • Cost reductions (save money in the business, not necessarily cutting resource).
  • Working arrangements (environment, flexible working initiatives).
  • Workforce planning (Growth planning, recruitment or reduction planning, terminations).

The world we will be in when this is all over will look different from it was and is today, so take stock of your business now, start planning, adapt to overcome, survive and be successful. One thing is for sure we are all in this together.

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