Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery​

Simple yet profound, the Insights Discovery system can boost team effectiveness

Based on the work of psychologist, Carl Jung, the colour energies identify strengths and areas for improvement as well as insights into effective communication and teamwork.

We can support team effectiveness, helping to diagnose and confront problems, improve relationships, inspire success and ultimately increase productivity.

How it works?

With discovering team effectiveness, each team member receives an Insights Discovery Personal Profile. This helps each person appreciate the unique value they bring to the team. Then, through facilitated discussions, exercises and breakout sessions, the team can learn how their individual and team preferences affect team dynamics and performance.

The results? 

Clear and practical action plans that accelerate the team’s progress towards their goals all while having fun! Join us for your journey of discovery.


  • Learning more about yourself with your own in-depth personal profile
  • Explore the highly visual and engaging content to challenge your perception of others
  • Forge better relationships with the people you work with
  • Recognise behavioural preferences and their value in the workplace
  • Have more open, positive conversations
  • Appreciate and use your strengths with confidence
  • Improve your development areas
  • Understand the value you bring to projects

Useful for:

  • Recruitment and selection of candidates
  • Career development
  • Team development and building effective teams
  • Coaching
  • Leadership

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